5 Reasons Why Starting a YouTube Sucks!!

Disclaimer: I love YouTube and creating content!!!

  1. MONETIZING – Don’t do YouTube solely to monetize! Just don’t. YouTube has changed in so many ways over the year. In 2019, we live in the age of social media and things literally have to be different now. When I first fell in love with YouTube, I was 11 years old and obsessed with all the new dances that gained popularity through the early 2000’s. You know, dances like Crank Dat and the Stanky Leg. Back then, you had to have a talent or be somebody famous to get known on YouTube and especially monetize. It wasn’t until 2012, that YouTube decided to open its Youtube Partners Program to EVERYONE, yes EVERYONE. This means that pretty much anybody with a camera or a phone could place a video on YouTube and monetize. Fast forward, YouTube is oversaturated with content creators with no originality, and so in order to protect their craft, YouTube enforced stricter guidelines on monetization and copyright infringement. UPDATE: As a content creator, you need 4000 watch hours from viewers within an entire year, and a bare minimum of 1000 subscribers to monetize. Although, I have not reached this level of consistent viewers and subscribers, I still am thoroughly appreciative of the new standard because I enjoy quality over quantity.
  2. COPYCATS – It is no secret that every couple who falls in love, every girl that does makeup and fashion, every singer, rapper and/ or dancer, and every person with a yoga mat has a YouTube. Big shocker, but what’s even worse, is that nothing is ever real on YouTube!!! Like seriously, you don’t know if your favorite couple secretly hates each others guts. You don’t know if the fashion design is secretly getting all of her fashion ideas from fashion nova, in-store mannequin outfits, or another popular person’s Instagram. Even I must admit, when my boyfriend and I initially started YouTube, we fell into the rabbit hole of copy cat syndrome. Moving forward, I would like to encourage everyone to be more authentic on YouTube, so we can actually indulge in some worthwhile content. Also, most of the pranks are not real. Every time I attempt an elaborate prank it does not work out. Now, I could be wrong and subseqeuently be admitting that I suck, but some thing tells me I’m not.

P.S. If everything about your image on social media is a sham, do better and cut the mess.

3. OFFENDING PEOPLE – If you have foot in the mouth syndrome, then YouTube may not be the best place for you. I know it’s easy for some people to say “Just don’t be a jerk, just don’t be racist, just don’t be sexist…. just don’t be human and not know everything.” Honestly, I’m not making excuses for problematic people who do things that blatantly disrespect people of other cultures, colors, and creeds, but sometimes the people we cancel and crucify truly do not know. In some situations, its best to passionately educate and move on. With that being said, you might want to take a cultural sensitivity class before you speak on “controversial” topics in your videos because YouTube is almost as bad as “black twitter.”

4. COLLABORATIONS – A fun way to become more popular on YouTube and to create more interesting content is by collaborating with other YouTubers. So basically, I YouTube collab involves meeting up with similar, like minded creators and shooting videos such as challenges, vlogs, and story-times. YouTube collabs are EVERYTHING because you get to meet new people and shoot videos outside of your comfort zone. However, my boyfriend and I have yet to do a successful YouTube collaboration with any of the couples we have met who said they wanted to do a collab. The reality is that it’s hard to work with other people – our schedules are different, are visions are different, and sometimes, our personalities just don’t mesh. Oh well, perhaps in the future we will find the perfect couple to make videos and experiences with, but for now, it is a big fat NO for me.

5. REBRANDING/FINDING YOUR OWN NICHE – Once you fall down the rabbit hole of thinking you can make money fast, becoming a copy cat, offending people, and failed collaborations, you will have to reevaluate. It is almost laughable because I am at this same exact step with both of my YouTubes. For me, rebranding is basically finding your purpose as a creator. Was I born to display a mediocre, lower resolution screenshotted version of myself, or are you meant to shake things up?! The choice is yours, but for me, I choose to produce revolutionary work. BIG CHANGES COMING SOON!!!!

BTW: If you’re thinking of starting a YouTube channel, please do it! It is one of the most fun, creative environments you can ever be a part of for free. I started out making YouTube videos on my phone, and may retreat back to my old ways soon. Just remember to be yourself, and don’t get lost following the trend.



This was my very first video ever posted on YouTube 8 months ago!!! I didn’t know everything, I didn’t have a camera, and I definitely did not have any support. What can I say? It’s better to start, fail, and improve then to waste all your time overthinking about how things may or may not work out.


From my joint channel Meet The Flamez, we decided to do a 24 hours Say Yes Challenge. Unfortunately, my Taurus boyfriend is so stubborn, he did everything with an attitude. That’s real love for you, having the balls to say no when you want to!!!

#youtube #vloggers #contentcreators

From my joint channel Meet The Flamez, we decided to do a 24 hours Say Yes Challenge. Unfortunately, my Taurus boyfriend is so stubborn, he did everything with an attitude. That’s real love for you, having the balls to say no when you want to!!! #youtube #vloggers #contentcreators