Here She Is! Dawn Daniel: The Most Uplifting, Renaissance Woman of 2020

2020 has been a year of ups, downs, sharp turns, and unbelievable surprises. It is evident that the Coronavirus has temporarily changed our lives as we know it. Family celebrations, holidays, special events, and more have all been postponed until further notice. Schools all over the world have been closed without a re-open, and for essential workers, the work never stops. Now, is the perfect time to acknowledge the people in our lives who make us feel happy, worthy, and important.

Dawn is one of those people. Dawn Daniel, born April 30th, reminds us of what it means to be resilient, strong, and good at everything. An artist, a designer, a teacher, a hairstylist, a powerhouse singer – Mrs. Daniel has mastered it all. But most importantly, she is a godly woman, a phenomenal mother, a devoted wife, and a fantastic friend.

With all the ways Dawn uses her many, many, many talents to express her love for others, she has made it her mission to create beautiful experiences for her family and friends, in the midst of this trying time.

Although Hobby Lobby, her favorite crafts store has been temporarily closed, Mrs. Daniels continues to find more ways to be creative.

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic created some unforeseen challenges for Dawn and her family.

Due to the quarantine, Dawn was unable to attend her eldest son’s graduation from Navy Bootcamp. We all know social distancing can never stop a mother’s love, so she found other ways to support his accomplishments. The newly-ignited Navy mom went above and beyond to customize these shirts for her family to celebrate Sailor Daniel’s entry into the USN:

Outside on her lawn, Dawn also made sure to place her big celebratory, graduation signs for her son, Abrin Daniels, who is a soon-to-be a high-school graduate of 2020. Abrin was accepted into Georgia Southern University with an academic scholarship!!! Here’s a dedication towards all of his achievements and hard work:

The truth about Mrs. Daniel is that — everything about Dawn undeniably exudes good energy and love. Because her spirit is always joyful and upbeat, she inspires her loved ones to be their best and to always remain hopeful.

Because she always goes the extra mile and effortlessly strives to exceed expectations, she teaches us about the power of commitment and creativity.

She is the embodiment of purely, authentic superwoman power.

And long after the dust settles and the pandemic is no longer a threat to our health and freedom, Dawn Daniel will still be the kind-hearted, uplifting woman we all know and love.

P.S. My mom encouraged me to dedicate this article to you because you are truly magnificent, from my family to yours, we love you.

Written By Zaria Sims

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